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Game Time is a company that provides specialist sports coaching & mentoring services. In addition, we also have vast knowledge and experience in the development of sporting projects and associated aspects such as promotion, sponsorship, recruitment, etc.

One of our most popular services are the basketball party packages.

Game Time was established by James Thomson in 1999, with the aim of developing basketball to its fullest potential.

Game Time covers all aspects of basketball development and entertainment from coaching and performing to consultancy services.

The vision is to improve basketball as a spectator sport at all levels and involve the community along the way, encouraging their participation from playing and coaching to volunteering.

The most important thing for Game Time is to lay a solid foundation in each area. A foundation that will allow the sport to develop and blossom in the community. This will provide an epi-centre for activity and excellence which youngsters will admire and want to be part of.

Game Time has the desire and capability to go one step further in developing projects that people will be proud to be associated with and which will offer an attractive vehicle for commercial sponsorship and media attention.

One example of this success is the Teesside Lions basketball club, another is the popular basketball parties.

Here at Game Time, we strive to deliver a service that is above & beyond what is normally expected.

Everything about us will ooze professionalism, sportsmanship & show time”

– James Thomson

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